Recycling is great there is no doubt about it. Being able to do your part in protecting the environment and ensuring that plastics, glass and paper are disposed of in the right manner are just a part of recycling. You can also consider reducing the amount of these products that you use as well as reusing them when possible. No matter how small you think the effects of your recycling will be, know that it counts.

Recycling facts:

• Once an aluminum can has been recycled, it can be back on your grocery store shelf in approximately two months.

• The next time you are thinking about tossing your soda can into the trash can, think about the fact that just the energy saved from that one can have the potential to power your television for an amazing three hours.

• Not chopping down 17 trees translates into 250 pounds of carbon dioxide being absorbed from the air. That means more oxygen and cleaner fresher air for us. Think about all the tries that get chopped down, significantly more than 17, we could be saving ourselves from a lot of air pollution by reusing, recycling and refusing to get rid of such a drastic amount of trees.

• Have you ever wondered how long it takes for a class bottle to decompose? The answer is approximately four thousand years. That’s a long time for just one bottle, and so we can see why it is so important for us to recycle. If that bottle happens to land in a landfill, you could be looking a lot more than four thousand years until it decomposes.

• The amount of Hershey kisses wrapped per day are enough to completely cover approximately forty football fields.

• The rainforests are disappearing faster than we can even imagine. An astonishing 100 acres of rainforests is cut down every minute.

Why you may need a skip bin:

Now and then we have large things that need to be disposed of, or perhaps just way too much waste from the garden that we’ll need to dispose of. A skip bin is then necessary as you can get the right size to accommodate the junk that you are trying to rid your home of. Depending on the company that you use, you can also be sure that your trash is being taken care of in a manner that is beneficial to the environment.

How to choose a skip bin company?

Check their philosophy. Are they just as keen on protecting the environment as you are? If so, then this company is already leaning in the right direction. You will also need to ensure that the company has the right sized skip bins for you. Check if the company has any weight limitations and what bins are available for disposing of certain items. You can also check with your neighbours and the other members of your community to see if they too could make use of your skip bin. This could potentially save you on the cost, and you’ll also be encouraging them to do some recycling.

Know what is allowed in your skip bins. You may be restricted from disposing of things like asbestos in your skip bins. It is always important to consult with the company in order to find out what options are available. They will more than likely have different bins for different items, and you’ll also be able to choose a size that will best accommodate the amount that you need to get rid of.

Home Skip Bins Brisbane is a company that services the Brisbane area and will keep up with your needs and ambitions to do something great for the environment as they are indeed environmentally friendly and are particular in the way that they dispose of your waste and the measures they take in a recycling. They are also a very affordable company that takes pride in their customer service and always aims to meet the customer’s needs as best as possible. The staff at Home Skip Bins Brisbane is friendly, and are adamant to help you with your recycling needs.