There is no need to worry about how your garbage will be removed when there is a waste removal service in the picture. Offering an efficient and environmentally friendly service, there have to be no regrets calling in the cavalry when it comes to having trash removed. However, before bins full of biological and general waste can be picked up and disposed of, they need to be separated. In order to make the separation of the waste easier, many households have implemented a system with multiple trash cans in the house. By separating the waste as it is produced, nobody has to get dirty, trying to separate it before it reaches the outside bins. This takes minimal effort and is beneficial to the environment, which in the long run, will be beneficial to you as well. Most people use a color coded system which includes the blue bin, the brown bin, the black bin and the green container.


  • The Blue Bin

If you wish to recycle your paper, cardboard, metals and plastics, then the blue bin is where you need to place these. There is a particular list of items that can be placed in this color bin which will be provided by your removal service. Items such as aerosol cans, stripped wallpaper, polythene bags, cellophane wrappers and household cleaning containers should not be disposed of in the blue bin. Glass should not be recycled in this bin either but there is always the option of recycling it at the neighborhood recycling points.


  • The Brown Bin

These color bins tend to be used on a seasonal basis as the items collected in this are hedge trimmings, weeds, leaves, twigs, plants, grass cuttings, flowers and shrub cuttings. To sum it up, the brown bin is for biological products that haven’t been chemically treated.



  • The Black Bin

The black bin is used for residual waste which is not appropriate to be placed in the brown or blue bins. It is mostly used for plastics with food leftovers, as well as paper and plastic packaging that don’t quite fit in either criteria. It is the most used bin, as it holds a large spectrum of waste produced in households, throughout the day.


  • The Green Container

This may be used to recycle a variety of food waste which includes packaged food that has gone bad. For the best recycling efforts, the food should be separated from the packaging and placed in the bin separately. This way, the organic materials aren’t contaminated by chemicals and other materials that would render the recycling effort useless.


Overall, it is the same for every bin. All of the sorting and separating is useless unless it is done correctly. If the trash isn’t sorted correctly it will disrupt the entire recycling process. The process is easy and can be taught to your children at an early age, setting the base for a healthy habit that lasts for a lifetime. The effort, however, doesn’t have to end at the front door when you’re on the way to work. As most people spend a large portion of their day at work, it is just as important to manage waste at the office as it is at home.

If there isn’t a system concerning the separation of the different kinds of waste yet, be the one to take charge and implement a system that benefits the recycling effort in the area. After all, it is everyone’s planet that needs to be preserved for generations upon generations to come and although one may think that the effort of an individual isn’t enough to make a real impact, even a single contributor can motivate a whole team or company to make the necessary step in the right direction.